The Third Cliff House (1909), seen in the 1940s. Source: The Cliff House Project (photograph number 30)

Keep a-knockin’ but ya can’t come in. Donald Trump’s Christine moment.

Time to Stop Jerking Knees and Start Looking at Documents

The Cliff House, San Francisco, in the 1940s. Source: Worthpoint

A detailed history of our city’s flag and why we should embrace its roots

Detail of the original San Francisco flag. This design was executed in 1900 and in use until the early 1930s. The photo, dated no later than 1927, is from the scrapbook ‘Album of San Francisco,’ compiled by Hamilton Henry Dobbin. Credit: California State Library

“Counting Ballots,” comic in Puck magazine, 1876.

Cherry-Picking Hamilton

Surrendering Too Soon

Election Day (1944), by Norman Rockwell

Bernie Sanders Wants Tuition-Free College, But He Doesn’t Want to Study Gun Violence

John Lumea

John Lumea is founder of The Emperor Norton Trust. His work in SF history has appeared in the SF Chronicle, KQED, Mother Jones, WSJ, LA Times and more.

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